Web Design

website deisn imageWhen you are ready to build an online business, you will probably need a web design company to help you turn this into a reality. This designer or design company has to be able to understand your specific needs and has to have the ability to implement these needs. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to find a good designer to do this for you. You are effectively placing the future of your business in the hands of someone else. One failed website could mean the end of your entire operation. Indeed, your future and your reputation are what are at stake here. So, how do you make the right choice, with so many designers around? Quite a bit of research is actually needed for this, which encompasses many different elements. One of these elements is the portfolio of the designer. This is what you can use in order to see what sort of work has been done before, and whether that is something you are impressed by, or that is relevant to you and your business. A portfolio goes above and beyond verbal promises. It is a visual demonstration, proof if you like, of the ability to keep those promises. But just what should you look for in a portfolio?

Firstly, do they have a portfolio at all? This seems like an obvious question, but every designer has a portfolio. Be weary of those that don’t. Secondly, how much work is in the portfolio? Is this their full body of work, or have they chosen not to include some examples. If this is the case, make sure you find out why certain examples were not included. Thirdly, look into the type of work that has been done before. If, for instance, the designer has created various retail shop websites, whereas you want to offer a counseling website in environmental activism, their skills may not be relevant to you, no matter how well-designed the other pages are. Fourthly, you need to look at the actual quality of the work. Next, look into references by contacting the actual owners of the site. Finally, find out who gets to own the website once the design is completed.

These are the six main tips that can help you in terms of choosing the right web designer. Try not to rush your decision in terms of which designer to go with. It is better to spend a long time analyzing and researching and ending up with the best, than to be quick about it and settle, ending up with less than good quality results. Remember that your website is your public face, it is what your customers will first see and what they will use to create a first impression of who you are. This must be done properly.