Importance of Colors In Web Site Design

While designing a website your very first concern should be the color. You need to be aware of the colors that you want you use in your web design It is hard to read text on the computer screen when compared to reading on paper. So, you need to choose the colors that are going to work best for you. Your color should make your visitor feel comfortable and trust worthy.

So what exactly do colors say?

Let’s find out.

White: There is no denying in the fact that the color white is the best background color on a web page. The color white shows truthfulness and purity. It’s the most refreshing and superlative color.

Red: This is the most attractive color ever found. You can find successful people having read color objects. They like to wear red color clothing and ride red color vehicles. There is something magical about this color. It has the ability to make your business succeed.

Orange: The color orange is another attractive color to the human eye. Many individuals just like that get attracted to it. You can find about anything in the color orange, to attract enough attention.

Black: It comes as no surprise that the color black is the most favorite among web designers and viewers. You might not want to use this color as your background in the web page as it can have a very negative effect on your viewers. The color black suggests excitement, speed, and it demands attraction.

Blue: You might be surprised to know that the color blue is the second most popular color which web designers use. When you look around, you can find many objects that are of the color blue. The sky above, the water beneath and even many of your computer screens may be set with the default blue settings.

Green: The beauty about the color green is that it is the most compatible color with eyes. The color green is very pleasant to view as it has great healing power. The color green shows growth, harmony and fertility.

Yellow: The color yellow enhances concentration as you might find in the traffic lights. Sure it may be red, orange, and green, but these days many countries are implementing the color yellow in between red and green.

Pink: The color pink is a quiet color and symbolizes sweetness, softness and innocence. There is something nice about this color as it is cute to see.