Framework of websiteWhat is a design framework you ask? Well in the world of web design frameworks are used to jumpstart the website building process. The framework is a basic standardized set of design structures usually with a grid system, and general stylization markup for things such as navigation and forms. Basically a framework will include the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code needed to get you up and running fast when starting a new website building project.

Why would I use one?

Using a framework saves the developer many hours of coding and styling time by having the basic structure of a website done and ready to develop further. Styling of basic navigational items, grid system layout, fonts, forms, and other elements are predefined saving time for the developer. Then he or she would use the framework as a basic starting point to build upon to the specific needs of the client.

We’re do I find them?

There are many frameworks available on the web, you can do a search for web design framework and you will find a good number available. One of the most popular frameworks is foundation by Zurb Foundation is a fully responsive framework that can be used for mobile apps as well as website building. Foundation by Zurb is quite extensive and not the simplest to learn and understand when you first discover design frameworks.:

One thing really cool about foundation is that they have online courses and workshops you can attend to learn how to use the framework. And these can be found here:

Another noteworthy framework that is especially good for someone that is new to frameworks is called Bones. Bones is a framework for WordPress that was developed by Eddie Machado and is continually updated a regular basis. It’s a simpler to use and more straightforward framework that is a good place to start for anyone who’s new to frameworks. Eddie has done a great job documenting and commenting on all the code that he is used within the framework, with additional links to resources for learning more about specific bits of code he has used.

Using bones is a good place to start, and a great way to learn more about frameworks in WordPress and how they function together. You can find out more information about the bones framework on their website at

Using a design framework is an excellent way to save you tons of time in your development process. Once you understand how to use them and apply them in your web design process, you’ll be able to design and build websites in half the amount of time as before, and you’ll soon find your framework to be on invaluable asset.