The future of Admin CSS in WordPress

CSS imageOne of the best things about WordPress is that it is always evolving. Some great people in the community always working to make this wonderful software great. Recently I discovered that ddiscussions have taken place about the future of admin cascade style sheets in WordPress development.

“At the community summit, we discussed a core CSS roadmap, initially a discussion about preprocessors in regard to their role in WordPress, both in the admin and in bundled themes. Recently, there has been significant discussion about the initial use of a preprocessor in the development of Twenty Fifteen that was not included when it landed in core. We discussed what role preprocessors may play with our default theme development and core WordPress for the long term.”

A great article and you should read more here and become part of the discussion. Cleanup of currrent styles with some new naming conventions would be a good update. Also the possible addition of using a preproccesor such as Less or Sass would be outstanding.